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Curiosity drives me, creativity inspires me, and flexibility characterizes my approach. As an experienced consultant with a background in the public sector and healthcare, I have broadened my horizons by pursuing my dream: living in Hamburg and working in the Netherlands, primarily remotely.

This decision is not ordinary, but it is incredibly enriching. Working remotely provides me with a unique perspective on matters that may seem mundane to others. It enables me to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and discover new solutions.

My keen analytical mindset and critical outlook allow me to quickly grasp complex situations, while my directness and enthusiasm ensure effective communication and collaboration. I am not afraid to challenge conventional thinking if it is necessary for progress.

In summary, I am not only an effective communicator, but also a dynamic and driven professional ready to make an impact and deliver results. And of course smile after we finish a job! Satisfied, happy and if we feel like it (and why wouldn’t we) celebrate it. Because life is more than just work!

Pleased to meet you!
Marco van der Meer

Chamber of Commerce
number 74098799
The Netherlands