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Feestband LAYS 2023

feestband LAYS 2023

After many years I will be back on stage with my band in 2023!

16 September in Aldtsjerk
14 October in it Holt in Deinum (sold out)
16 December in TDF in Berltsum (sold out)

Communication advisor ad interim

Independently responsible for the following assignment: supporting the various colleagues in the Communication department in the broadest sense of the word. This means, among other things, thinking along in and carrying out extra work for projects already in progress at the Communication department as well as continuing to implement the current Communication policy within the municipality of Waadhoeke.

> contract via Reijn professionals

past assignments (highlights)

Developing corporate communication strategy

> in cooperation with ‘puur mec’ marketing, education and

Producer promotional videos animal shelter

As a volunteer for the Flappus animal shelter foundation in Zwolle (the Netherlands), I am involved in a campaign to raise money by literally lighting the shelter with 2021 lights in this dark period of the year. For this purpose I developed a promotional video and the day before Christmas another video with the result of the campaign appeared.

External communications advisor ad interim

Temporary support of the communication team of the municipality of Waadhoeke, the Netherlands. Core task: structure and strengthen the (online) external communication process and content, write and edit newsletters and on- and offline content.

Videos ‘Waadhoeke en corona’

A series of videos about the impact of COVID-19 (corona) on the daily lives of residents and entrepreneurs of the Municipality of Waadhoeke. #dutch #frisian

Communications advisor & spokesman of various organisations

Strategic communications advisor to Mayor and Alderman, Management and Organisation of multiple municipalities and public organisations. Translate programs and projects into strategies and actions, with the focus on the interests of in- and external stakeholders. Build and sustain a network of press contacts, write press statements, monitor the effects and tailor them to achieve the objectives set.

Producer and strategic communications advisor opening international art project 11fountains

Producer and strategic communications advisor of the opening of the 11fountains art project, live broadcasted from 11 Dutch cities simultaneous on TV and internet. Responsible for the international script and technique, 11 led-screens in the cities, 12 sound engineers, 14 camera’s and the director for the broadcast.

11fountains is an international art project for Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, European Cultural Capital.

New cultural heritage
11fountains forms a new cultural heritage and is an unmissable destination for national and international tourists. This largest international art project of Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 is supported by the province of Friesland and the six municipalities involved.

Composer and musician Dutch musical Eise Eisinga

Composer of the music for a musical about the life of the famous Dutch astronomer Eise Eisinga and leader of the band. The musical has been performed 8 times in Dronryp and Franeker (the Netherlands) by amateurs.

About this musical (Frisian)

theatre ‘De Koornbeurs’ in Franeker
theatre ‘De Koornbeurs’ in Franeker